Stop Pulling Me!!

But if your dog tugs on the leash when you try to walk them, it can quickly diminish all of the fun you envision having with them and dissuade you from taking them out.

You may look at other dogs and their owners and think, “Why can not my dog act like that?” The reality is, no puppy is born “obedient.” Despite being domesticated, they still have instincts that tell them (one) they require a pack leader and (2) researching and experience are super fun!

These instincts are what make your dog fantastic, but Critter Control Cost since they live in a world with laws, regulations, and ways, you want to learn how to hone in their instincts so that they act more appropriately and so they see you as their confident and trusted package leader.

The solution to preventing your dog from yanking the leash is a bit of a catch- 22. As an example, allowing your dog pull on the leash is telling them that they’re in charge and they’re leading the pack. However, so as to teach them to not pull on the leash, you need to get them understanding that you’re the trusted package leader.

Before you invest in a number of collars, leads, and gadgets which are available to help you handle this problem, you are better off looking at the larger picture. The training must go beyond just walking-you need to be strengthening your position as leader constantly and you will start to see results across your dog’s behaviour, not just when you are outside.

Consider it like this: your puppy knows someone must be the leader. When they don’t see you as the leader, they are going to take that place. You may not notice all the little “cute” things they do, but having them pull on a leash is surely one of the places you will see them start to share their feelings that they’re in charge.

So, how can you teach your dog to not pull on the leash?

Never hurry through the excitement phase and try not to provoke them to get overly excited.
Exercise at home.
Walk around your house and outside until they could behave in comfortable surroundings.
Start to venture farther out, coming back home when they misbehave.

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