The Wealth Creation Formula – Creating Income

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I’ve been a pupil of the wealth creation formula for two years. This program has helped me quit my job, increase my earnings, and has let me invest in income-producing assets. The Wealth Creation Formula is the key to financial freedom. Irrespective of where you live unless you take control of your income and finance, you may struggle.

Commit to creating wealth for you, your loved ones, and your neighborhood. Being rich does have its advantages. Don’t you want those advantages? To become rich and wealthy you will need to have income. Income is the key to wealth creation. Now you’ve probably been taught to save your cash, pay off your debts, and live on a budget. Although these help you on your way to wealth. Income is the only way to help you graduate from the middle class.

Revenue is King

The most crucial step in the Wealth Creation Formula is creating income. Income is King and without income, you’ll fail financially. It’s that simple. How important is income? There are plenty of stories of professional athletes that have become broke, filing bankruptcies, and working regular jobs after retirement. Of course, their poor spending habits, poor investments, and poor money management have led to their financial downfall.

But the 1 key that most people overlook is that once those professional athletes retire they don’t produce those million dollar checks . Their professional careers are over and they stop producing that income. Regardless.

Once the earnings particularly those million dollar contracts dry up they are in trouble. They still have to produce income after their careers are over. According to Sports Illustrated, after just 2 years of retirement, 78 percent of NFL players were either broke or struggling financially. Within 5 years of retirement, 60 percent of NBA players are broke. When you have expenses and no income to match it the sole result is going broke.

Start Where You’re

Income is your source of wealth. Your job or business is the key. Whether you like what you do or not it is producing income. Furthermore, if you are making money there’s a chance to create more of it. What I love about the Wealth Creation Formula is that it gives you a blueprint which can be applied to any profession, career, or job.

The ideal place to start is where you are now. You’ve got a source now it is time to milk it until it dries up. Your job or your business brings in money. Your next step is to increase your income flow. I will teach you how to do that in another lesson. For those without an income. Go create one today.

For those who have a job or a company look for ways to produce more income form that stream. If you are unemployed, well you will need to get some cash. Go get a job, sell some stuff online, visit the streets and beg. You have to obtain an income flow. You will not become rich without earning money. The question is what can you do today to make money?

You have a skill set that can get you paid. However, you need to understand how to develop it. Your job trained you on how to be employed. Thus you perform their duties and you earn cash. With that said now it’s time for you to learn more to earn more.

Charles Fitzgerald Butler is an entrepreneur and expert in sales and marketing. You can partner with Charles and start building multiple income streams from your dwelling. Charles’ objective is to assist all who partner with him achieve cash flow and profits from their business.

Marketing, leadership, and a business blueprint are crucial in your success.

How to Get More Consulting Clients

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For many small business owners, the desire to secure more customers translates to how best to market themselves. However, getting new clients is much harder than continuing to serve current clients. This report considers how to bring in more business from existing customers while simultaneously reaching new clients. The former is a matter of service delivery while the latter is a matter of marketing.

The Question of Service Delivery On Your Consulting Business

In continuing to serve existing clients, you want to ensure that you keep adding more value to existing services.

You can find new ways of serving existing clients by surveying them to learn what they enjoy and appreciate and what they currently find dissatisfying, annoying or bothersome. Based on your customers’ answers, you will know how best to tweak your offering so as to incorporate more of what they enjoy and appreciate and less of what they find dissatisfying, frustrating or annoying.

You may also tweak your offerings based on what you’ve found your customers to like, value and appreciate over the years. In some instances, it is a simple matter of changing some minor detail that’s inconsequential to yourself, but highly meaningful to your clients. In other instances, it’s an issue of providing additional and more comprehensive offerings that dovetail with existing services.

Finally, you may have the ability to attain your current customers more efficiently by offering your existing services across a range of platforms. Similarly, you may also consider extending your offerings into the printed word (such as subscription-based newsletters, special reports, downloadable e-books or printed books). If you are already providing training or public speaking, you could extend your offerings further by providing CDs and DVDs of your job.

The Issue of Marketing for Your Small Business

There are many ways to promote your consulting business. The method you choose may reflect your individual taste. It may also reflect your availability, in addition to the degree of comfort you’ve got with the assortment of marketing methods available to you. Whatever methods you use, you will want to make sure that they dovetail well with one another.

1. Websites: Your website should reside at the core of your marketing initiatives. Ideally, any other marketing initiatives you engage in should direct people to specific pages on your website. You will want your website to be simple to navigate, professional and consistent with your company brand.

2. Newsletters: Newsletters can be a revenue stream if you make them available via subscription or membership schemes. So much so, that there are many companies who specialise in the provision of newsletter proformas and/or content in return for a fee. However, newsletters are best when they are developed based on your expertise and use a special style that’s consistent with your company brand. As a marketing tool, you can make previous issues freely available on your website. You can even hand out previous issues to your prospective and current customers where applicable to their needs and interests.

3. Social media is most effective as a marketing tool when you pick the one or two platforms you most enjoy using and regularly post on them. You will want to use your social media platforms as mediums by which you tip followers to specific pages within your website.

4. Networking: Media is one of the simplest types of marketing. It’s also the most useful if you are able to join several networks where your potential clients might be found. Networking is most effective once you start by asking prospective clients about themselves. In so doing, they feel valued and will likely reciprocate by asking you about yourself. Be sure to bring plenty of your business cards so you will always be able to provide one of your cards on request. You will also find it invaluable to offer prospective clients with tips as well as introduce them to the right folks. If you can acquire your prospects’ contact details, you can put them on your mailing list for complimentary copies of your newsletters.

5. Articles: Articles are a good way of showcasing who you are and what you can do for potential clients. You will want to provide valuable information on a variety of topics your existing customers are most interested in. You’ll also want to set your articles in a selection of different platforms and do so on a regular basis. Some might show up on your social media channels. Others might appear on your website. Others still, may be submitted to other websites or magazines that your potential clients regular. For those articles that are placed out of your website, you’ll want to include links back to specific pages of your site.

6. Public Speaking and Authoring: Authoring and public speaking reflect two additional ways of showcasing your talents. In some instances, they may act as separate revenue streams. Once more, you will want to speak and write to subjects that reflect your area of expertise; areas in which you would like to draw new business. It is then a matter of offering to talk to these topics in media classes, professional meetings, conferences and workshops. If space allows, you can also host demonstrations in your premises. For those who have authored any books, be sure to highlight their existence as part of your presentation. Once again, you may also draw attention to the presence of your site. You may also wish to invite back-of-room earnings after the speaking event.

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Uber Rules For Military

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For members of the military, making ends meet is still a challenge in the modern world. However, the obligations of being in the military curtail most part-time jobs as their commitment prevents them from working over a short period for themselves. But for those in the military who have their own qualifying vehicle or lease a TLC automobile, Uber provides an option to earn additional money on their own time.

If you are a part of the US military, you are used to be transferred around the nation, if not the world, on a regular basis. However, for people who have their own vehicle which qualifies for Uber or can rent a TLC automobile for Uber, you do have the choice of working on your off-time, such as a couple of days monthly, to make some extra cash driving for Uber.

However, several of those in the military might not have some of the fundamental requirements to work for Uber. Namely, Uber requires you to have an in-state drivers license and also in-state insurance for your vehicle or the vehicle that you use.

The answer is no.

Uber makes no exceptions for those in the military, although if you are in the army, you can drive for Uber assuming you meet all the requirements. You will need to ask your commanding officer and fill out any paperwork required by the military that you drive for Uber.

For many members of the army, especially those with long-term assignments to a location, this shouldn’t be an issue. The one exception would be for those who are currently enrolled in Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) which means that the military will prevent you from holding an outside job, even one driving for Uber. However, you should always consult your commanding officer or consult the rules and regulations to determine what you can and cannot do while being in the army.


Considering all military members must meet Uber requirements, including having an in-state driver’s license along with in-state insurance, the proper qualifying vehicle, and the other requirements set out by Uber, if you meet all the standards, then you can drive for the rideshare company.

Bear in mind that there is 1 exception in terms of having an in-state driver’s license if you are situated in a city that borders another state, such as New York City for example. This means that you can drive across state lines while still fulfilling the requirements for Uber. Otherwise, you must satisfy all requirements for Uber and Lyft like you were not a part of the army.

If you do not meet the prerequisites for Uber, there are other on-demand jobs which are well suited for members of the army if you drive your own vehicle or lease a TLC automobile , like delivering packages or food depending on the business that you choose.